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Avatar by: Scott Johnson.

Avatar by: Scott Johnson.

My name is Corey Wallis, and I currently work as a Business Analyst at Flinders University. I am known by the handle techxplorer in various places online. I write the occasional post about my experiences with technology, as well as post photos, on the Thoughts by Techxplorer blog.

I have tried a number of times to start my fiction website, with limited success. Up until now I’ve kept the writing secret, and that made it very hard. It’s hard to write stories in a vacuum, especially when you can’t solicit feedback. Those sites are now long gone, and exist only as files on one of my backup drives.

The ideas for stories, snippets of dialogue, and ideas for characters still occur to me. I feel that it is time that they came out of my shadowy imagination and had a place to live and breathe. This time I’ve taken the big step of putting my name to them, and not remaining anonymous.

I invite you to undertake this journey with me, and see where it goes. If you feel so inclined you can get in contact with me here.