Sadly, No New Story This Month

Photo by: Jill Wellington.

Photo by: Jill Wellington.

When I started this website, my aim was to write one new short story every month. Unfortunately, this month there is no new story. This is for two main reasons.

First, I couldn’t come up with a good idea for a new story. Second, life got in the way. Working full-time as a business analyst, being a husband as well as a  father, leaves little free time.

I can’t let this get me down. I must focus on the future.

This month is exciting because I have enrolled in a MOOC about grammar and writing. I hope that by learning more about grammar my writing will improve. Hopefully not only my fiction writing, but the technical and business writing that I do as part of my job. I will be writing more about my reflections on the course soon.

I also have some creative seeds that need some gentle nurturing to bloom into stories. I aim to grow one of them into a story fit for publishing next month.

Elemental Fiction, is a creative garden. As with any garden there is times of growth, times of quiescence, and times of renewal. Last month was a period of quiescence. This month, I hope, will be a time of growth and renewal.