Welcome to Elemental Fiction

lion-reflectionWelcome to Elemental Fiction, a website by Corey Wallis (techxplorer), an amateur writer of short fictional stories living in Adelaide, Australia.

For this website I am aiming for short stories and flash fiction. I’ve found that I need to impose a limit to keep my writing and ideas focussed.

My aim is to have stories that use all five elements of fiction. These are: character, plot, setting, theme and style.

I like to write, and read, urban fantasy and more traditional fantasy fiction. To keep things simple, especially as I’m just starting out, the magic system for my stories uses the five classical elements. These are: air, water, fire, earth and spirit.

When I was considering a name for my website, I found I liked the symmetry between the five elements of fiction, and the five classical elements.

The sidebar, to the right, has links to the most recent writing.

If you like my writing please get in contact. More information about me is available on the about author page.